Config Reference

Name Description Default
auto_prune Prune and delete old hashed resources like Secret and ConfigMap. true
builder What docker build command to use. Can use docker or gcloud to build the Docker image. docker
image Set a prebuilt Docker image to use. This is optional. Usually, you want to build an image from the Dockerfile. Setting this will change the docker_image helper to use a predefined image. See: Docker Image nil
image_tag Normally, kubes will generate an image tag name. You can explicitly set it instead. IE: latest nil
kubectl.context What kubectl context to auto-switch to. nil
kubectl.context_keep Whether or not to keep the context switched false
kubectl.exit_on_fail.apply Whether or not continue if the kubectl apply fails. Note, can use KUBES_EXIT_ON_FAIL=0 env var to set to false. true
kubectl.exit_on_fail.delete Whether or not continue if the kubectl delete fails. false
kubectl.order.kinds Change ordering for Kubernetes Kinds. See source code
kubectl.order.roles Change ordering for Kubes Roles. See source code
logger Logger object$stdout)
logger.level Logger level. Can also be set with KUBES_LOG_LEVEL env var info
repo The Docker repo to use. Required to be set. nil
repo_auto_auth Whether or not to try to auth authorize docker repo registry if not yet logged in. Can also be set with env var KUBES_REPO_AUTO_AUTO true
skip List of resources to skip. Can also be set with the KUBES_SKIP env var. KUBES_SKIP should be a list of strings separated by spaces. It adds onto the config.skip option. []
state.path Where to store the state file with the last build Docker image. .kubes/state/KUBES_APP/KUBES_ENV/data.json
suffix_hash Whether or not to append suffix hash to ConfigMap and Secret true
merger.options Merger options that control how Hashes are merged. More info: Merger Options {overwrite_arrays: true}