Kubes provides some helper methods to help write Kubernetes YAML files. Here’s a list of the helper methods. These are available whether you write your resources in YAML or DSL.

Helper Description
built_image Method refers to the latest Docker image built by Kubes. This spares you from having to update the image manually in the deployment resource.
decode64 Basey64d decode a string.
dockerfile_port Exposed port extracted from the Dockerfile of the project.
encode64 Basey64 encode a string. Also available as base64 method.
extra The KUBES_EXTRA value.
with_extra Appends the KUBES_EXTRA value to a string if it’s set. It’s covered in the Extra Env Docs.

Here’s also the source code with most of the helpers: helpers.rb.

DSL Specific Methods

Each DSL resource has it’s own specific methods. Refer to the DSL Docs for their methods.