The shared folder purpose is to provide a place for Kubernetes resources that are shared between roles.

Example Structure

Here’s an example structure to help explain how shared resources work.

├── clock
│   └── deployment.rb
├── shared
│   └── secret.rb
└── web
    ├── deployment.rb
    └── service.rb


When you deploy with Kubes, it will run kubectl apply on the shared resources first and then your role-based resources like clock and web. Example:

$ kubes apply
Deploying kubes resources
=> kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/shared/secret.yaml
secret/demo-secret created
=> kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/clock/deployment.yaml
deployment.apps/demo-clock created
=> kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/web/service.yaml
service/demo-web created
=> kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/web/deployment.yaml
deployment.apps/demo-web created

Kubes will order the creation of shared resources first. You can override the default ordering with an Order config.