Google Kubes Plugin

The Google Kubes Plugin adds support helpers like google_secret. You can configure it’s behavior. Example:


KubesGoogle.configure do |config|
  config.secrets.base64 = true

Options Reference Table

Here’s a table with the options:

Name Description Default
secrets.base64 Whether or not to automatically base64 encoded values returned by the google_secret helper. true
gke.cluster_name GKE cluster name. This is required when using the GKE whitelisting feature. nil
gke.enable_get_credentials Whether or not to run the hook that calls gcloud container clusters get-credentials. This spares you from having to call it manually. false
gke.enable_hooks This will be true when the cluster_name is set. So there’s no need to set it. The option provides a quick way to override and disable running the hooks. true
gke.google_project Google project. Can also be set with the env var GOOGLE_PROJECT. GOOGLE_PROJECT takes precedence. nil
gke.google_region Google region cluster is in. Can also be set with the env var GOOGLE_REGION. GOOGLE_REGION takes precedence. nil
gke.whitelist_ip Explicit IP to whitelist. By default the IP address of the current machine is automatically detected and used. nil