Kubes Concepts

Resources Files

The .kubes/resources where you organized Kubernetes resources. Different subfolders within the resources folder represent your app. Example:

├── clock
│   └── deployment.yaml
├── worker
│   └── deployment.yaml
└── web
    ├── deployment.yaml
    └── service.yaml

Each folder contains your Kubernetes deployment definition, either in YAML or DSL form. Both can be used together.

Conventions Over Configuration

Kubes uses Conventions Over Configuration structure to remove boilerplate setup and mental overhead.

You can deploy just the demo-web app

kubes deploy web

Or you can deploy all 3 with:

kubes deploy

The deploy command automatically builds the Docker image and replaces the image in the YAML file with the latest built image.


Kubes supports layering files together so you can use the same Kubernetes files to build multiple environments like dev and prod. More details in the Layering Docs.