Google Helpers

List of Google helpers:


  • By default, KubeGoogle.logger = Kubes.logger. This means, you can set logger.level = "debug" in .kubes/config.rb to see more details.
  • The gcloud cli is used to create IAM roles. So gcloud is required.
  • Note: Would like to use the google sdk, but it wasn’t obvious how to do so. PRs are welcomed.
  • The Google helpers are provided by the boltops-tools/kubes_google library.


Most of the Google helpers use the SDK to call the Google Cloud API. As such, it needs to be authenticated. You can do this by setting the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable point to the path with a service account credentials file. IE:


export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=~/.gcp/service-account.json

If you would like to use a user IAM credentials instead of a service account. You can also run use application-default login. Example:

gcloud auth application-default login

This generates an Application Default Credentials at .config/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json. Note, make sure that GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS is not set or else the application_default_credentials.json will not be used. Also, the google sdk prints a warning to use a service account instead. You can suppress that warning with this: