Install: Mac OSX

This page shows you how to install kubes on Mac OSX.

Here’s a “Mac OSX Homebrew Install” Video:


You can install kubes via homebrew.


brew tap boltops-tools/software
brew install kubes


brew update
brew install kubes


brew uninstall kubes


rm -rf /opt/kubes
grep -l /opt/kubes /usr/local/bin/* | xargs rm -f

Generated Wrapper

The standalone installer creates a wrapper script in /usr/local/bin.


Most users have /usr/local/bin configured in their PATH. So this wrapper should work immediately.

Important: If you have a wrapper in /usr/local/bin already, the installer will overwrite it.


You can also download the dmg and install with the Mac OSX GUI installer.

Download link: kubes DMG

You can check kubes-latest.dmg.metadata.json to verify the package checksum. Here’s the checksum command.

shasum -a 256 kubes-latest.dmg