Core Built-In Helpers

Kubes provides some helper methods to help write Kubernetes YAML files. Here’s a list of the helper methods. These are available whether you write your resources in YAML or DSL.

Helper Description
decode64 Base64 decode a string.
docker_image Method refers to the latest Docker image built by Kubes. This spares you from having to update the image manually in the deployment resource. Note, this can be overridden with the --image cli option or the Kubes.config.image setting. See: Docker Image
dockerfile_port Exposed port extracted from the Dockerfile of the project.
encode64 Base64 encode a string. Also available as base64 method.
extra The KUBES_EXTRA value.
with_extra Appends the KUBES_EXTRA value to a string if it’s set. It’s covered in the Extra Env Docs.

Here’s also the source code with most of the helpers: helpers.rb.