Delete App

Let’s now delete the app and clean up:

kubes delete

You will be prompted to confirm before deletion. Here’s out the output looks like:

$ kubes delete
This will delete resources. Are you sure? (y/N) y
Compiled  .kubes/resources files
=> kubectl delete -f .kubes/output/web/service.yaml
service "demo-web" deleted
=> kubectl delete -f .kubes/output/web/deployment.yaml
deployment.apps "demo-web" deleted
=> kubectl delete -f .kubes/output/shared/namespace.yaml
namespace "demo" deleted

Let’s double-check that the resources have been deleted:

$ kubectl get all
No resources found.

Tip: If you want to delete without the prompt, you can use the -y option:

kubes delete -y

Next, we’ll look at some next steps.