How Kubes Works

Kubes is pretty straightforward. Kubes first builds the Docker image. Then it compiles Kubernetes YAML files. Lastly, it merely calls out to kubectl.

In fact, you can use Kubes to build the files first, and then run kubectl directly. Example:

kubes docker build
kubes docker push
kubes compile  # compiles the .kubes/resources files to .kubes/output

Now, use kubectl directly and apply them in the proper order:

kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/shared/namespace.yaml
kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/web/service.yaml
kubectl apply -f .kubes/output/web/deployment.yaml

The deploy command simpifily does all 3 steps: build, compile, and apply.

kubes deploy

You can also run the kubectl apply only. The kube apply command compiles but will skip the docker build stage if it’s already been built.

kubes apply